We serve local and international clients in all aspects of contentious and non-contentious employment matters. We have extensive experience in helping our clients implement equity compensation plans, cash incentive plans and employee pension plans integrated with their global practices. We assist with the regulatory clearance of equity compensation plans, incentive plans and pension plans.

We provide practical guidance in relation to taxation and disclosure rules and requirements involving employee compensation, incentive plans and traditional employee benefits in order to help deductible maximization.

We have significant expertise in expatriate compensation and global mobility programs. We continuously advise on issues of implementation and taxation of cross-border compensation and benefits, in-bound and out-bound mobility contracts.

With our global clients, we work closely with the human resources and in-house legal teams to help them implement workplace codes of conduct, performance evaluation processes and redundancy measures in line with the local requirements.

We also regularly advise our clients on issues involving intellectual property and know-how protection, confidentiality, non-solicitation of employees and unfair competition.

Core Competencies

Regulatory Compliance
  • Equity compensation plans
  • Cash incentive plans
  • Employee retirement plans
  • Employee performance evaluation policies
  • Expatriate compensation and benefits
  • Redundancy measures
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Workplace ethics policies and codes of conduct
  • Fixed-term employment contracts
  • Non-fixed term employment contracts
  • Executive employment contracts
  • Expatriate employment agreements
  • Loan-staff “outsourcing” employment agreements
  • Temporary “secondment” employment agreements
  • Consultancy agreements for the self-employed
  • Ordinary termination of employment
  • Termination of employment for cause
  • Wrongful termination and reinstatement claims
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Breach of non-solicitation
  • Mass dismissal of employees
  • Unfair competition