Our People first. We are passionate about what we do and treat who does it with absolute respect. We work in an open-door environment allowing accessibility to all levels in our Firm hierarchy. We value our personal differences which make us who we are and encourage individual ideas, talents and creativity to flourish. We manage our operating hours in a family-friendly manner and allow for flex-hours and remote-access in times of need. We also allow for sufficient down-time during office hours for our People to interact and socialize with our colleagues and friends.


At EB LEGAL we are committed to give back to our society. We are actively involved in international policy organizations and think-tanks such as CTC - Capital Turkish Connections, EB LEGAL Academy – A Silicon Valley International Law Institute and ILI – International Law Institute.

We are a member of the CTC-Capital Turkish Connections, a think and do tank headquartered in Washington D.C. CTC’s announced mission is to facilitate evidence-based dialogue, research and projects that aim to advance Turkey’s long-term agenda and to realize the potential of the Turkish people. We participated in CTC’s first to date project, 92 Proposals, prepared by 100 industry leading Turkish professionals volunteering from sectors involving Law, Economic Policy, Innovation, Social Policy and International Relations. 92 Proposals aim to place the Turkish Republic among the top 10 global economies within 20 years. 92 Proposals were announced to the Turkish public in a TEDx Istanbul conference held on 21 November 2015 coinciding the 92nd anniversary of the Turkish Republic. We continue to support the launch of 92 Proposals with civil society organizations and public agencies.

Our Managing Partner, Professor Esra Bicen is also a founding member of ILI Istanbul, the Turkish chapter of the International Law Institute, a not for profit international policy institution headquartered in Washington D.C. ILI aims to foster economic growth and effective governance in emerging countries through training programs, seminars and conferences. ILI derives its strength from hundreds of ILI-member law scholars serving at leading law schools around the world and its associations with international institutions such as the American Bar Association, the International Judicial Academy, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank. We support ILI-Istanbul’s training programs geared to enhance the implementation of the rule of law and good governance in Turkish public and private sectors.


EB LEGAL is an equal opportunity employer providing an environment with an evenly represented women and men workforce population. Our legal and non-legal staff are presented with a yearly opportunity of 360-evaluation as part of Firm-wide Annual Performance Review.

Our Women. EB LEGAL Women are selected for their brilliance, talent and resourcefulness. They carry the values and passion of our Firm in delivering premium legal services to our Clients on a daily basis. EB LEGAL Women are a formidable force asserting leadership in various sectors with an uncompromised feminine agility. They are selfless in training young jurists, innovators in shaping the legislation and strategists and over the top performers in winning the best possible solution for our Clients.


Sustainability. We respect the environment we live in and take steps to conserve energy and resources during our operations. Our office building is one of the pioneers in Istanbul that has satisfied Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification criteria of the U.S. Green Building Council. Our building preserves rain water in tanks to be used in landscape and sewage maintenance and the solar panels generate free power for the interior and outside shared spaces.